Vipassana Buddhist Monastery

Insight beyond Sight

About Us

Chief Incumbent / Spiritual Leader
Rev Illukwaththe Dhammarathana

Rev Illukwaththe Dhammarathana Thero, Karmacharya of Malwathu Maha Viharaya,Kandy, Chief Incumbent of Sri Wardhanaramaya, Walgowwagoda Temple and The Principal of Medhankara Dhamma School Kandy, has been received his Ordination and the Higher Ordination as a monk from Malwathu Maha Viharaya Kandy Sri Lanka. His great teachers are Rev Pandith Walgowwagoda Sri Medhankara Wimalabuddhi Maha Thera, Chief Secretary of the Malwathu Maha Vihara Chapter, and Rev Pallewela Devarakkitha Thero.

Reverend has successfully completed advanced level studies in Bio Science and obtained Diploma in English, Higher Diploma in Counselling Psychology from SIBA University Sri Lanka and Bsc (Hons) in Counselling Psychology from KIIT University India.

He has spent a few years in forest monasteries, studying Buddhism and practicing Mindfulness and Insight Meditation at Wat Pochai, Thailand and Sri Lanka as well.

As Thero was a resident monk at Paramitha Buddhist Vihara, Melbourne from 2016 to 2019 and Committee member of Australian Sangha Association He has acquired adequate experiences and well knowledge about needs and wants of the community, especially about the younger generation.

In order to support the mental and physical well being of the society, with the generous support of devotees, Rev Dhammarathana Thero established the Vipassana Buddhist Monastery in 2019 and provides necessary leadership and guidance for all activities carried out by the Monastery.