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Life Membership

Life Membership Declaration

NB; By filling this application you would authorise Vipassana Buddhist Monastery Inc to access your given details only for banking, Immigrational or other legal documents without your further consent…

Family members

I hereby declare that all details provided are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Also, I will support and actively contribute to the vision of Vipassana Buddhist Monastery.

Vipassana Buddhist Monastery would not consider whether you are a member or not when your services are offered. Our services are open for everyone who needs our generous support.

Vipassana Buddhist Monastery is being operated and maintained by donations. Your monetary donations could be made on the following account.

Account Name Bank Name BSB CODE Acc No
Vipassana Buddhist Monastery Inc. Commonwealth Bank BSB 063-241 1091 6037
Account Name Vipassana Buddhist Monastery Inc.
Bank Name Commonwealth Bank
BSB CODE BSB 063-241
Acc No 1091 6037